Sunday, August 9, 2009

Blooming shapes

This is a circular panel of painted and sandblasted glass designed to hang free in a window.The background is in pale shades of waterglass.Ive set it into a circle of brass which is one of a dozen that i got in the local scrapyard for a euro apiece.They originally were sealing rings from the head of a large diesel compressor according to the patent number stamped onto them.I looked it up on Wiki Patent,which has it registered to General motors in the 80's.Interesting what you can find down in scrapyard! They measure about 400mm across. Ill post more as i make them. Look at for more


  1. Hi Shane.
    Love these circular ones. So great to look at your blog, to take a peek into your world so far away and feel a bit jealous at what must be such a satisfying way to make a living!
    Good to meet you and all the best,

  2. Your comments are much appreciated,thanks!