Thursday, January 28, 2010

Head over Heels

This is another one in the brass ring series,the rings i found in the scrapyard which were formerly sealing rings on a General Motors diesel compressor.Check out previous posts for more of the panels,i think i made 15 in all.The glass is Lamberts for the flower heads and a purple Kokomo for the base of one which unfortunately the photograph doesnt do justice to,or maybe its the photographer doesnt.. The other base is a blue/green Lamberts.The background glass is clear and plain. Theres more to see at

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


These are some of the the small pieces(140mm square) i have been working on recently,with a few older ones thrown in so to speak,all in a neat 3x3 lineup.Im not sure if they would look better in a different sequence,il rearrange until it looks right.They are in mostly Lamberts,with some sandblasting,painting and silver stain.Theres more on my website

Thursday, January 14, 2010

More Underwater Adventures..

These are a few more of my jellyfish, from sandblasted and painted flashed Blue/green Lamberts glass and sandblasted painted and silver-stained red flashed glass from where im not sure,France i think. See
for more.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Underwater animals

Happy 2010 and at last im back doing some glass painting again.These are a couple of small panels(140mm square) in a series of sea creatures that are going to be set into a larger panel . The first is a piece of blue\green art glass that the blue sandblasts off very handily.Its painted and fired.The second is a piece of Lamberts multi-coloured glass that has some really nice colours but for some reason goes a bit muddy when fired in the the kiln,it seems to be a kind of metalling.Maybe a higher temperature would help.I'm working on some more of these creatures and il post them when they come out of the kiln. See more glass at