Monday, September 28, 2009

Flowing Tide

These are a pair of panels that i have done for a client in Dublin.They sit either side of a front door and are intended to block out the view of houses across the street.They are done in different types of glass,a lot of semi-obscure Kokomo waterglass,Desag Baroque and various others.There are white walls either side of the door and on a sunny day quite nice displays of colour pass over them...I have been quite busy recently woodturning which is another passion and have been preparing for a craft fair around the middle of October.I will post some pictures of the turned wood in the next few days.I should get back to the glass soon though as this is meant to be a glass blog,though maybe il find some way of combining the two. See more glass stuff on

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Flora and Fauna

This is a panel I have done for my parents,to go in the sunroom at the back of their house,It looks out over my Dads beautiful garden,full of well nurtured plants, lots of feeding birds and the odd wandering fox.Its made with various different types of glass,painted and sandblasted and some of it just left alone.The photograph isnt great as its been a grey day any time i went up to take its photo.Camera shy maybe.. Check out for more photos and text.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rainbow Reprise

This is a door I featured in an earlier post about the Lantern Centre.While visiting there today on a different matter,I found the sun creating an almost prism-like effect in the corridor. Got the camera and got the shot. Thats the extra value of stained glass,all the ever-changing reflecting colour catching you unawares. See more colour at

Friday, September 11, 2009

Eastern View

This is the last panel in the brass rings series.It has just four pieces of glass.A piece of art glass with some nice colours,sandblasted through for the mountain.A piece of plain purple Desag sandblasted and painted for the bridge/river.A piece of red flashed glass,sandblasted and painted for the tree.And a piece of plain blue Desag,sandblasted and painted with clouds for the sky.I think its the panel im most happy with,though the Pink Bloom i put up on Sept 1 comes a close second. Theres more to see at

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Late Riser

This is the penultimate panel in the brass rings.Its done in Kokomo blue/green with some painting.Flashed blue on yellow and flashed blue on clear, both sandblasted and painted.A little bit of dark blue Desag,painted as well. And some clear glass for the background.All put together in the brass ring with the grey lead patinated black so that your eye isnt drawn to it.You can see more at

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

One Too Many..

This is another of those brass rings,nearly at the last of them.The flower heads are done in a flashed orangey-yellow glass,sandblasted and painted.The stalks are done in different shades of green waterglass,painted for effect. The background is a pale blue Desag. Think its more partying tulips.. see more at

Monday, September 7, 2009

Tree Of Life

This is a panel i did for a client's extension in what is a light filled space with windows facing south ,east and west.Lots of light in other words..While i would have put a bright yellow sun in that space in the crown,Rosemary wanted a pale moon, which i have to admit works better.The background is all greens and blues,in waterglass,Desag,Baroque and any other varieties i could find.The tree itself is mostly Kokomo,blue/green at the top and various shades of purple as it goes down,with some waterglass in blue,green and purple as well.Theres also some shades of red in the base for a flamelike effect.The moon is a piece of seedy semi-opaque glass with some striations through it.. See lots more at

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Party Bunch

Surprise surprise,another circular brass ring enclosed panel. This one has red flashed glass for the flowerheads,sandblasted ,painted and fired.Blue/green Kokomo and green waterglass,painted and fired for the stems.And clear slightly rippled waterglass with a bit of painting for the background.They look a bit merry ,like tipsy wine glasses.Theres more to see at

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pink Bloom ?

This is another in the brass rings..I have to say ,in the picture it looks a bit menacing,alienlike possibly,but in real life its a lovely piece of glass,that pinky yellowy piece of glass.I think its a bit of Lamberts. The blue-green is definitely Lamberts,painted and fired.The background is a Desag pale blue.Just a few more of the rings to go and then il have to go back to the scrapyard..Theres some more stuff at