Thursday, November 26, 2009

Yew Bowls

These are a couple of bowls made from yew,with nice grain and good colour. The top one is done with an Arbortech disc with chainsaw teeth on an angle grinder,the second one more conventionally on my Woodfast lathe. Its much more relaxing to be using the lathe as working with the arbortech needs 110% concentration if you want to hang on to your fingers and keep your flesh intact. Turning in the same room as you have your computer in is not reccomended either but doesnt hurt quite as much. If you want to see some glass theres lots at .I have some different projects in glass which i'l put up soon.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Raised from the deep

This is a boat called Sundowner that one of my friends in the yard where my studio is has traded some labour for.It had been sunk and spent a little time underwater before being re-raised.Its condition is,as you can imagine quite poor. We moved it into the yard from the Liffey a couple of weekends ago on a truck with a crane which is rated for lifting 8 tonnes.The boat weighs about 6 tonnes plus a fair amount of water and sludge in the bulkheads which put it at the extreme end of lifhting as it was right at the end of the crane arm. It was touch and go but we managed it in the end. The plan is to put it back in the water ,in a restored state,by next season would be good but it will take as long as it takes! I will post more posts on it as the work progresses . If you would like to see my stained glass go to We may even end up putting some stained glass into it!