Friday, June 25, 2010

French Horn

This is a panel Ive been working on for a friend who runs a wine shop in south county Dublin. He wanted something curvy with a wine theme.he also has a liking for Mouton Rothschild wines.This winery has a habit of getting a different artist to design each years label,going back to 1946.Everybody from Dali to Bacon to Picasso and others not as well known.The artists are paid no money for their work, but given instead a certain number of cases of wine of two different years, obviously including the year they provided the label for. Often theres some kind of horned sheep reference going on,mouton as you know being the french for sheep.My interpretation of the 1999 label which was by Raymond Savignac is shown above.It was probably one of the easier ones to interpret!Have a look at the other years labels Here . The size is about 760 x380mm .The glass is Purple waterglass for the grapes,green Kokomo for the leaves,red St Just sandblasted for the wine glass and a nice dark blue flashed on green for the wine bottle.The label is a pale yellow semi- antique with some painting and a bit of silver-stain.The background is a semi-antique clear,painted with scrolls to represent the sheeps horns.Im hoping to do the partner of this for the other side of the door,white wine,possibly Champagne. The bubbles appeal to me.See more colour at

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dundrum Blooms

These are a few of my brass ring panels,for sale in a flower shop in Windy Arbour,Dundrum called appropriately Dundrum Blooms ,run by Eva,a friend of mine.We just did a re-arrangement of them from a side window to a front window where they catch the light better. A blooming great idea. Eva's flower arrangements are amazing.She is a medal winner at Bloom ,Irelands answer to the Chelsea Flower Show...See more Glass at