Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dan Tien

This is a panel that i've just completed for a friend of mine Dave Shipsey who runs a Complementary Health Studio in Dublin called Dan Tien Check it out,he's a top class acupuncturist and much else besides. It goes over the front door and will make his place easier to find.The top and bottom panel are made of St. Just blue flashed glass,sandblasted for the lettering and the evolving symbol.The middle section is a Desag blue sandblasted opaque self-colour, again with the symbol.The side sections are a plain dark blue Desag to match.Feel free to comment. More to see at Lustrousglass.com

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Deep Space

This is a small panel about 160mmx220mm.It is made of two pieces of glass plated together.The middle panel is a piece of Lamberts multicoloured glass,the exact one im not sure.Its sandblasted with some kind of design through to clear glass.The bottom panel is a piece of ordinary window glass painted with Reusche tracing black and some amber siver stain.And the top panel is the two pieces of glass together,one on top of the other.They are to go onto a wall light,a kind of light box.Theres more to see at Lustrousglass.com