Thursday, January 14, 2010

More Underwater Adventures..

These are a few more of my jellyfish, from sandblasted and painted flashed Blue/green Lamberts glass and sandblasted painted and silver-stained red flashed glass from where im not sure,France i think. See
for more.

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  1. I just posted an article and picture about a wave stained glass we're working on at

    Good News! In December we noticed a bit of a shift. People we'd given bids to 6 months previously were getting back in touch with us and now in January, we stopped by the bookstore one evening. The parking lot was packed. We both looked at each other and remembered how empty the parking lots were last year at this time.
    My blog My Stained Glass Adventures is at and we have a website which is our online portfolio. We also do which is about tips for other stained glass artists. I would love it if you'd visit and let me know what you think!