Monday, April 2, 2012

Fluid Landscape

This is a panel Ive just completed for a house in the Eco village in Cloughjordan,county Tipperary. Its a south facing window with white walls all around .when the sun shines,as it does occasionally,the walls will be bathed in an ever changing kaleidoscope of colour. On the day i put it in,it was well overcast but you can still see the colour bleeding onto the surroundings. The glass is mostly waterglass with some baroque and odd bits of Kokomo.


  1. Wow, that's gorgeous! Thanks, Shane - I don't have enough colour in my life.


  2. This is a stunning piece Shane. Both design and glass are more ways than one!

  3. This window would add a big dose of serenity to any room. Love it. It's always nice to get a wee look at a bit of art before it disappears into somebody elses life.