Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mushroom Crowd

These are some of the little pieces im working on for various outlets for the so im told festive season,though if you were to read the news about Ireland you wouldnt think so. We may yet be surviving on wild mushrooms before long! they are mostly made from flased glass of different types,sandblasted and fired.And set into interesting stones , slots cut with a diamond disc on the grinder .. just right to put on your windowsill ..There will be a series of them i think , with trees, flowers , cactus, houses and anything else that sprouts up along the way. Check out my other work on Lustrousglass.com


  1. They are absolutely wonderful. One day I would like a sandblaster and a kiln, so much. Hope they do well for you, I think they will.

  2. these are lovely shane and great idea inseting into stone....very clever...
    thanks for your comment on mine.....notice i ending up doing the flowers in glass myself....the decal option turned out to be a complete disaster.....all the best

  3. Loveing the shrooms Shane! Endless variations on such a simple theme...excellent.